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Shibari or kinbau is not just a beautiful art that makes you feel pleasure and sweet pain. This is a powerful tool thanks to which you can let go of thoughts and relax, lose control and release sexual energy, work out complexes and shame. To do this, the model (the one who binds) must trust the rigger (the one who binds).

If you want to get to me in the ropes, just write (here you need to specify where). To begin with, we will discuss the details: safety measures, the state of your health, what you can and cannot do … But you must understand that the game will go according to my rules and for the duration of the session you transfer control to my hands.

Another important thing: during the session, ropes will be waiting for you, possibly wax and flagging elements, but no more. This is not a sex service !!!! Respect the boundaries and be polite. After communication, I reserve the right to refuse you a session. Usually this is due to a misunderstanding of the above.