Crazy or Lovers' Day?

Author: Anna Leontieva

Published: February 14, 2020

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Today is February 14, 2020. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and lovers, as well as the day of crazy people in Germany. A perfect match that gives an ambiguous hint that love can drive you crazy.

If you look closely, lovers really look a little inadequate. Lovers do not critically and too exaltedly perceive their partner. But love can be different, and a lack of ego can cure the same madness …

In this photo I am in the role of Madness itself, a year ago in the wrong side. This image tormented Cupid – my model, with ropes. It was a public execution, for all his cruel pranks.

Despite the fact that Cupid is a deity of love in ancient Greek mythology. For me he is also a cruel prankster. After all, his entertainment with arrows cost a lot of common sense, and some life. In my image, madness is brought to the edge, and pushes to radical measures. By the way, I do not approve of suicide, but I know this emotion.

Today is Friday, which means inside out – a shibari evening, and a festive evening. Many celebrate the day of love, and I am preparing the image of the Dark Valentine, but more on that later. You will see a photo and description of the idea in the performance section under the date 02/14/2020

So, despite the winter, we have the sun and warmth, in the air hearts and pink dreams in the atmosphere. And I need to prepare a playlist for the evening and reincarnate.

I don’t know about you, but I will celebrate Crazy Day. All a happy holiday, or rather two.