Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya

Shibarilook team

Role: photographer

Age: 18+ 

Experience: from 2011 

Projects: Candy love

Hobby: travel with camera

Slogan: live by heart

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People often ask me what shibari is and why you need it.
Shibari is a Japanese aesthetic-erotic art of human binding.
Of course, first of all I consider it as an aesthetic form of art, from which it is impossible to look away.
In every movement, the rustle of a rope, sigh and exhale, there is the magic of communication, understanding of yourself, your body, impulses, deeply hidden emotions. This is a dance of feelings. Meditation.
It is incredibly nice to see the transformation of the model, which came to visit tense and caring.

Creative Shibarilook team

Anna Leontieva

shibari master


shibari model

Masher Adams

shibari model


shibari model